Why we champion talent

Progressive GE has a set of core values that we consistently work at upholding amongst our staff. These values not only affect how we run our business, but also how we treat our candidates and clients.

Talent is one of our core values, because we believe that if we connect the right talent with the right opportunity, not only do we build a better customer relationship, we also build more trust and work better. Meet our latest Talent Champion, Chez Nortman, who works at Progressive GE within our Houston office..

Talent Champion - Chez Nortman

We asked Chez for his thoughts on what it means to be a talent champion.

“It’s someone who looks at their job in the capacity of how to make it a win-win for everyone, whether that’s the client, the candidate, or the business as a whole,” explains Chez.

Among Chez’s many achievements is a record-breaking number of placements filled, but this isn’t why he was made Talent Champion. What Chez has achieved is making one of the world’s largest companies within our space commit to using Progressive GE as their number one source of talent.

Chez’s approach is all about looking at the bigger picture. In other words, looking beyond filling a particular role and more into what that role will be in the future, and how it fits in with the global strategy of the company, as well as the aspirations of the candidate.

What are the actions of a champion?

“A lot of it is understanding the exact job description, but it’s more than matching skills to that description, it’s making sure candidates match in attitude. It’s also knowledge of the client. We are a true extension of the client so their success or failure depends on us. As a result, when we look at our interview/placement ratios, they are pretty close to 1:1.”

On a company scale, Chez believes he and his team are breaking down barriers to what can be achieved: “We put so much thought into what we do. What we’re proving is that we can be more than a staffing company, we can be a true partner, and what that leads to, is extremely high success rates.

What skills does a talent champion need?

“Communication is huge, obviously,” says Chez. “I think not being afraid to break the status quo as well. Looking at the traditional role of the recruiter and how that can be changed in order to become a true partner to the client. Our client now calls us to say, “hey, can you help us with this particular project”, and it’s up to me to put together a strategy and make sure we can deliver that on a constant basis.

“I think that knowing the client well is knowing truly inside and out what that client does. Whenever people ask me what success is, I say it’s taking the relationship you have and turning it into a friendship.”

“This award is recognition that what we have worked so hard to put in place has had fruition. It has only emboldened me in what I think we can achieve, what we can do for our client to get to the next level.

To get in touch with Chez, whether you’re a candidate or a client, please e-mail him at c[email protected].

Alternately, get in touch with our specialist recruitment consultants around the world by clicking here: http://www.progressivege.com/en/contact.