Global Energy – How our recruiters impact our everyday lives

Global Energy will always be an important part of our everyday lives, it’s the light we turn on, the wind turbines we see turning in the long grass and the food we keep cold. Part of this industry is the people that make all this possible, including the recruiters who find the best skills and experience for the right company.

Recently we spoke to Zulaiha Careem, Key Account Manager at Progressive Global Energy, part of the SThree Group, in Dubai about what it’s like to be part of a life-changing industry.

What makes recruitment great?

Zulaiha says it’s the people aspect of it and the negotiating process. “I work on contract roles and with my team. We face different challenges on a day to day basis so it’s the problem solving and finding a happy balance between the candidate and the client that’s key.”

“A great skill I’ve developed is negotiating and problem solving, and as time went on I became more and more passionate about it. It’s a skill that you keep developing. It’s also something that can make your job so much more enjoyable,” continues Zulaiha.

“Since the downturn of the oil market, I’ve come across a lot of experienced candidates who are out of work and as a result have taken jobs which are far below their skill levels in order to support their families and cover their financial commitments.”

“It’s a great feeling when a candidate is appreciative and happy that we have got them back into work and into a role which really suits their skillset at a much better salary.”

Changing perceptions of recruitment

“It’s crucial that we as recruiters offer an exceptional service to our clients and candidates. It’s about creating a positive experience and truly understanding our customers’ needs.”

“Right now, I’m working with a manager who was initially skeptical about using the services of a recruitment company. I understood that it was going to be very important to build a trusted working relationship with him, like it is with all of my customers, of course.”

“This manager has now become someone I work with on a regular basis and even if there are difficult situations, such as dealing with high danger zone locations, we always find a good solution with an action plan that puts their operational needs as a priority,” concludes Zulaiha.

If you are interested in learning more about the career opportunities available at SThree Dubai and our Asia Pacific offices, browse our most recent roles here or contact Zulaiha at [email protected] if you would like to work with us in sourcing for the best talent for your organisation.