Progressive GE, along with our parent company based in the UK, SThree Plc, have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program with a shared vision of ‘Transforming lives through skills and work’. 

We support a wide range of projects in partnership with our major charity partner, SOS Children’s Villages, one of the world’s largest orphan charities, spanning across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americans.

As part of our long-term goals, Progressive GE is working with an orphanage in Gulu, Uganda that has community housing for 100 full time children and supports community outreach programs for more than 5,000 children.

In 2015, we took a fresh approach to gift-giving during the festive season by reallocating the funds we would have spent on cards and gifts and using it to start a solar project in the SOS Children’s Villages in Gulu, Uganda.

The project will transform Gulu into a ‘green village’ and provide a much needed reliable, economical, and environmentally sound energy supply with solar panels being installed on twelve family houses which provide a loving home for orphaned and abandoned children.

Our aim is to fund and finish building the residential solar system for the orphanage to:

  • Help them maintain their basic living standards and make the orphanage truly self-sufficient.
  • Provide a sustainable energy source for 110 children who are in permanent care.
  • Reduce their monthly utility bills, a significant portion of which is currently being taken from their fundraising efforts.
  • Reduce dependence on their unreliable electricity grid that often leaves them without electricity.
  • Free up more than US $10,000 per year to reinvest in areas such as:
  • Meet the special education needs of traumatized children.
  • Reduce Gulu’s environmental footprint.

Already, Progressive GE have raised more than US $30,000 for stage one of the project and we are now seeking corporate sponsors and fundraising partners to support stage two of the project. Contact Rick Messe.

Progressive GE and SThree CSR Programs

Progressive GE and SThree CSR Programs have been built on over the years to strategically align with our commercial objectives and we have developed a comprehensive program of activities across three core areas: Community, Workplace and Environment. Over the past seven years, we’ve committed countless hours to the SOS Children’s Villages and have set a target to raise US $1.32 million by our 10th anniversary in 2018 which we are on track to achieve, having already raised US $1.02 million. Our major commitments to our CSR program include:


  • Sharing skills through volunteering. Our employees can take two days of paid time to benefit local charities and schools. Over 685 employees have shared their skills during the last five years positively impacting over 3,635 beneficiaries.
  • We have supported 10 apprenticeships, 40 work experience placements and 14 UK University scholarships for young people from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • Our partnership with SOS Children's Villages with the majority of our support going to Chipata, Zambia where we have an SThree house where eight orphans live with their SOS mother. The company continues to match £50,000 per annum with a target to raise £1 million by our tenth year anniversary in 2018.
  • SThree continues to support the wider Chipata Village in Zambia with locally produced computer tablets that have solar panel charging, to assist primary school learning.


  • We grow our talent by investing in our employees through 'best in class' training led by our learning and development team.
  • Our Diversity and Inclusion Programme ensures we support an inclusive culture through our internal Identity Programme. We have set five year female representation targets at all levels of our business including our Executive Committee. .
  • Our strong employee engagement sees 93% of respondents in our employee survey confirmed that they would recommend SThree as a great place to work. .
  • From 2008, we have been a member of the FTSE4Good, which measures the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. .


  • Our annual UK carbon foot-printing and offsetting has reduced our utility emissions, reducing our global emissions against the 2013 base year by 12% in 2015.
  • In 2012 we brought in a new travel policy that has dramatically reduced internal travel and we continue to promote video conferencing as a more efficient option to reduce our footprint.
  • All our offices are encouraged to take a paperless approach, and recycle what they have used with all UK paper now recycled, making a significant difference on natural resources used in the production.
  • We offset our global carbon footprint emissions through two ClimateCare projects:
  • The Uganda Cook stoves that use less fuel and substantially reduce air pollution. This method is used instead of wood and charcoal saving the remaining forest in Uganda.
  • The Wind Energy Project in India which provides reliable and clean energy.

To find out more about SThree CSR programs download the 2015 CSR report here.